The NAVIO Surgical System is designed to help make sure your knee replacement works right, feels right, and fits right to give you the longest lasting outcome.

  • Breakthrough robotics-assisted technology helps tailor the surgery to the unique shape and motion of your anatomy
  • Accurate positioning can help your implant last longer1,2
  • The potential for a 'more normal' feeling knee, less pain, and quicker rehabilitation3

Learn More About Your Partial Knee Replacement Options

NAVIO robotics-assistance combined with partial knee replacement offers more accurate positioning to give you the potential for a 'more normal' feeling knee. Partial knee replacement surgery can relieve knee pain, restore function, and help you get back to participating in your life.

Consult a NAVIO-trained knee replacement surgeon

You face a number of important choices about your surgery, and the decisions you and your surgeon make can impact your life for a long time. Make an appointment to learn more about the NAVIO Surgical System and to find out if knee replacement using NAVIO is right for you.

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