The NAVIO Surgical System uses robotics-assisted technology to help your surgeon achieve the best outcome for your total knee replacement procedure: a knee implant that works right, fits right, and lasts longer.

  • Breakthrough robotics-assisted technology helps calibrate the implant and its positioning to the shape and motion of your unique anatomy
  • Accurate positioning can help your implant last longer1
  • 90% of total knee replacement patients experience a dramatic relief in knee pain and are better able to perform common activities.2

Learn More About Your Total Knee Replacement Options

Total knee replacement surgery can relieve knee pain, restore function, and help you get back to participating in your life. NAVIO robotics-assisted total knee replacement can help achieve more accurate implant positioning and durability.

Consult a NAVIO-trained knee replacement surgeon

Total knee replacement surgery is a highly accurate procedure. The choices you make in consultation with your surgeon can have a long-term impact on your life. Make an appointment to learn more about the NAVIO Surgical System and to find out if knee replacement using NAVIO is right for you.

1. Sharkey PF, Hozack WJ, Rothman RH, Shastri S, Jacoby SM. Why Are Total Knee Arthroplasties Failing Today? Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research. 2002; 404:7-13

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