OREF Award to Improve Total Joint Replacement Outcomes

The AAD group and Dr. Urish are enormously appreciative of the Orthopaedic Research and Education Foundation for their generous support in improving orthopaedic research. We are excited to have been given the Galante Total Joint Replacment Award. This three year grant will support our laboratory to improve and extend implant survival by investigating new methods to treat infection.

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New Antibiotics to Prevent and Fight Surgical Infection

Peptilogics Received Qualified Infectious Disease Product Designation from the FDA for Lead Compound PLG0206 as a Treatment for Prosthetic Joint Infection.

We are very proud of our involvment with Peptilogics to help introduce a new antimicrobial compound, PLG0206, to prevent and fight surgical infection. More information can be found here.   

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Robotic Surgery Clinical Study

The Bone and Joint Center and AAD Group has started a prospective study looking at improved functional biomechanics with robotic surgery.

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Dr. Urish's Robotics Discussion is Picked up by SmartTRAK

Dr. Urish talked with Needham & Co. about robotics in total knee replacement surgery. The discussion was picked up by SmartTRAK.

The three main points were that robotic surgery is the next logical step in computer navigation - to execute a perfectly planned total knee arthroplasty. A fundamental problem in knee arthroplasty is the inability to consistently restore normal knee kinematics. Developing a solution to this problem would be the next big step in the field. Robotic assisted knee surgery has the potential to help solve this problem. His preference is the Smith & Nephew system, but both major players have excellent systems on the market that deliver similar results. 

The headline for the article in SmartTrak missed the emphasis of the talk. Currently, robotic total knee arthroplasty has a valuable role, but it is not the standard of care. Developing the right implant design to preserve normal knee kinematics and consistently give patients "knee amnesia" will likely require robotic technology. This technology would have enormous potential.

You can read a summary of the entire Needham discussion here.

The original SmartTRAK post is here.

Source: https://www.smarttrak.net/uh2SjX7augp

NIH Award

The AAD group is excited about its latest NIH award - you can read about it here!

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Pittsburgh Foundation Award

Dr. Mandell has been awarded a Pittsburgh Foundation award for his investigations in reducing surgical site infection. Congrats! #ChallangeAccepted

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Westinghouse SURE - Patient outreach

A special thanks to everyone at the Westinghouse SURE outreach meeting. The group had exceptional questions on hip and knee arthritis. This is a great example of what makes Pittsburgh great.

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BJC Health Series

Learn about options and the latest advancements in hip and knee arthritis from the area experts.

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Welcome Wanyan Ma!

Wanyan is the newest addition to the lab group. A talented freshman at Pitt, she will be working on developing new PCR assays for surgical infection diagnosis. 

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Congrats Jon Mandell

Jon Mandall received a Ferguson Grant from the Pittsburgh Foundation with his work using new antibacterial compounds to eradicate infection on orthopaedic implants. 

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Congrats to Dr. Ma!

Dr. Ma's publication explains how antibiotics are inadequate at complete removal of the biofilm from the surface of Total Knee Arthroplasty (TKA) materials. Results suggest that bacterial persisters are responsible for this phenotypic behavior allowing biofilm high tolerance to antibiotics. 

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