Dr. Urish talked with Needham & Co. about robotics in total knee replacement surgery. The discussion was picked up by SmartTRAK.

The three main points were that robotic surgery is the next logical step in computer navigation – to execute a perfectly planned total knee arthroplasty. A fundamental problem in knee arthroplasty is the inability to consistently restore normal knee kinematics. Developing a solution to this problem would be the next big step in the field. Robotic assisted knee surgery has the potential to help solve this problem. His preference is the Smith & Nephew system, but both major players have excellent systems on the market that deliver similar results.

The headline for the article in SmartTrak missed the emphasis of the talk. Currently, robotic total knee arthroplasty has a valuable role, but it is not the standard of care. Developing the right implant design to preserve normal knee kinematics and consistently give patients “knee amnesia” will likely require robotic technology. This technology would have enormous potential.

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